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BioQor Stonol Syrup

Stone Remover, Urinary Calculi, Stones and Kidney Stone..
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Kidney stones are hard deposits of minerals and acid salts that stick together in concentrated urine. They can be painful when passing through urinary tract

Bioqor Stonol syrup is a mixed herb prepared to treat urinary track infection, burning sensation, dysurea.

Stonol syrup helps in removing urinary calculi and kidney calculi by increasing urination.

Stonol syrup phytoconstituents is rich in formulation which are high in anti oxidants, anti inflammatory that helps in treating damage kidney functions. It helps in balancing serum creatinine  level, serum urea, etc.



Increase urine flow


Reduce size of stone and expel out


It inhibits stone crystallization


Strengthens  kidney


  • Nephro protective activity: Has role in acute renal injury induced by nephrotoxins. Also helpful in regenerative and reparative capacity of kidneys by anti oxidant mechanism
  • Helpful in balancing electrolytes like sodium ,potassium. It has anti inflammatory activity by reducing inflammation factors.
  • Kidney health: helpful in kidney strengthening and inhibits the uric acid formation by inhibition of xanthiene  oxidase.
  • Removes kidney and urinary calculi: stonol syrup helps in removing of calculi by increasing urination and also helps in decomposition and crystallization inhibition of calculi.

How to Use 

  • ADULTS : 10ml 2 times or 3 times after meal or as directed by physician
  • CHILDREN : 5ml twice after meal or as directed by physician

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