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Dehlvi Kushta Faulad

For Anaemia, Convalescence & Weakness of Stomach & Liver..
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Useful in anaemia as it increases formation of pure and healthy blood. Also useful in convalescence. Strengthens the liver and stomach and increases sex vigour.


  • Each dose of 60 mg contains:
  • Ferrum (Borada Faulad Asli) 60 mg
  • Citrus limonum Juice (Aabe Lemu Kaghzi) q.s.
  • Aloe vera Juice (Loabe Gheekwar) q.s.
  • Sulphur (Gandhak) q.s.


Anaemia, convalescence, liver dysfunction, weakness of stomach and lack of vitality.



Side effects



60 mg. daily in the morning with 5 g Jawaish Jalinus or 1 capsule Jalinus capsule. Children should be given 15 mg. with 5 g butter.

Dietary Advice

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