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Home Made Desi Ghee

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Manufactured form Fresh Milk Collected for select High Quality Buffaloes which makes it the authentic taste of traditional DESI GHEE.


Desi Ghee in Ayurveda:
Famous Ayurvedic scripture Charaka Samhita explains that ghee is hugely recommended for those bodily constitutions often dominated by vata and pitta doshas. It is prescribed for good eyesight, longevity, to build immunity, strength, ojas, smooth skin with a radiant complexion, memory, intelligence, ignite digestion, utmost functioning of all sensory organs, as a balm to heal burn injuries and can be taken by the old, children and the weak alike. It is in fact also serves as a rasayana which means it can heal both body and mind at the same time.

Why Is Desi Ghee Healthy?
Desi ghee is composed of fats of which 62% is saturated fats which play a prominent role in increasing HDL or good cholesterol, reduce LDL or bad cholesterol without harming the lipid profile. Ghee is also a rich source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 and is loaded with essential amino acids.

Benefits of Desi Ghee:
Boosts Digestion
Regulates Blood Sugars
Heals Urticaria
Improves Reproductive Health
Treats Insomnia
Melts Belly Fat
Good For Eyesight
Stimulates Lactation
Helps To Gain Weight
Soothes Skin
Triggers Overall Growth
Fosters Healthy Hair Growth

Nutritional Information GHEE per 100ml:
Energy 897.00 K.Cal.
Total Fat                 99.70 g
Sasturated Fat   58.12 g
MUFA          18.24 g
PUFA            2.30 g
Cholesterol     230.00 mg
Trans Fat            Traces
Vitamin A (Retinol)   323.50 mcg
Protein             0.00 g
Carbohydrate     0.00 g

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