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BioQor B COF Syrup

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Cough and Cold is common disease which is caused due to various microbial infection, asthma, bronchitis, lung damage due to smoking, pollution effects. There has to be particular medicine that help in treating all kind of respiratory problems and there comes the BCOF syrup.

BCOF syrup is specially designed with scientifically proven 17 herbs for treatment of all respiratory disorders. Its anti tissutive or cough suppressant, cough expectorant, decongestive, anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties make a perfect combination to treat all respiratory diseases. The syrup is flavour based and hence easy to consumed by even child also.



Anti inflammatory and helpful in dry cough


FDA approved anti tissutive and helpful as cough suppressant


Acts as a cough expectorant and help in expelling cough


Helpful in relieving chest congestion during night especially for child


  • Cough suppressants: contains ingredients that camphor, kantkari, khatmi, somlata, banafsha, tulsi that helps in treating dry coughing
  • Cough expectorants:  contains Baheda, bharangi, anjeer, vasaka  that helps in treating wet cough and expel it out immediately
  • Decongestive: BCOF syrup contains somlata, kantkari, baheda, pudina that is helpful in prevention of congestion in cheast and helpful in easing breath
  • Anti inflammatory and anti oxidant activity : contains herbal extracts like tulsi, pudina, anaardana, kharmi, banapsha, bahera, bharangi, lasuda that has potent anti inflammatory and anti oxidant activity and thereby protects our lungs from harmful damages caused due to smoking and pollution

How to Use

  • ADULTS : 10ml 2 times or 3 times after meal or as directed by physician
  • CHILDREN : 5ml twice after meal or as directed by physician

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