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BioQor Vitaboost powder

For helps in in giving instant energy and provide sustained energy,..
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Vitaboost powder

it is scientific mixture of glucose, sucrose in orange flavour that helps in in giving instant energy and provide sustained energy, quickly rehydrate as its isotonic in nature. 

it has Sodium that helps in maintaining fluid balance. losing water prop ably leads to loss of sodium. 

chlorine (cl) that helps in transmitting nerve signals properly and regulating fluid in and out of cells 

Potassium(K); prevents muscle cramps, help in brain muscle communication. 

Magnesium (Mg): relaxes Muscles. 

calcium(Ca): triggers muscle contraction. 

Vitaboost is rich in Vitamin C and Zinc and hence provides sufficient energy for routine performance for athletes, daily work life. 


Instant energy provider 

Maintains hydration

Prevent muscle cramps 

Proper muscle and nerve functioning 

How to Use

Mix 1 table spoon in one glass of water, each 100 gram pouch can make 6 glasses at a time.

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