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Dehlvi Jiryanil

For Involuntary Micturition, Nocturnal Emission & Spermatorrhoea..
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Spermatorrhoea is a tragic disorder that results in general debility, inaptitude to work, disinclination for sexual intercourse and unlimately impotence. Spermatorrhoea can take several forms. The most obvious is nocturnal emissions, or wet dreams, but in a more pernicious form, sperm escapes unseen when a man urinates. The same awful consequences that beset masturbating youths can befall the adults. Jiryanil controls spermatorrhoea, or the emission of semen without intercourse, often while sleeping. It strengthens the kidney and the bladder. Increases density of semen and checks frequent and involuntary micturition.


  • Each 500 mg. capsule contains:
  • Stannum Calcined (Vang Bhasma) 10 mg.
  • Piper nigrum (Kali Mirch) 40 mg.
  • Chlorophytum arundinaceum (Safed Musli) 90 mg
  • Plantago ovata (Isapghol) 180 mg.
  • Artocarpus heterophyllus (Kathal) 180 mg.


Involuntary micturition, nocturnal emission and spermatorrhoea.



Side effects



2 capsules twice daily with water.

Dietary Advice

Avoid alcohol and caffeine. A low protein diet, free from eggs, may prove beneficial.

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