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Dehlvi Roghan Badam Shirin

For Brain Atony, Insomnia & Constipation..
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Rubbed on the scalp, it strengthens the brain, soothes tired nerves and induces sleep. When given orally, it removes dryness of the intestines and removes constipation. Also useful in loss of hearing.


  • Each ml contains:
  • Prunus amygdalus (Badam) 100%


Brain atony, insomnia and constipation



Side effects



5 ml. to 10 ml. to be rubbed on the scalp. 1 or 2 drops may be instilled in the nose and ears. For constipation, 5 ml. to 10 ml. with a glass of milk at night may be given. In loss of hearing, instill 1 or 2 drops in the ears.

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