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Dehlvi Wajid Nawabi Oil

For Lack of Virility, Sexual Stamina & Penile Growth..
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Strengthens the penis and increases blood circulation of the penile tissues.


  • Each 5 ml contains:
  • Crocus sativus Stigma Dct. (Zafran) 0.180 ml
  • Myrtus caryophyllus Fr. Oil (Laung Oil) 0.180 ml
  • Myristica fragrans Aril Oil (Jawitri Oil) 0.180 ml
  • Myristica fragrans Nut Oil (Jaiphal Oil) 0.180 ml
  • Cinnamomum zeylanicum Bk. Oil (Darchini Oil) 0.180 ml
  • Croton tiglium Fr. Dct. (Jamal Gota) 0.360 ml
  • Anacyclus pyrethrum Rt. Dct. (Aqarqarah) 0.360 ml
  • Coccus Cacti Oil (Beer Bahuti Oil) 0.360 ml
  • Zanthoxylum alatum Rt./St. Oil (Tomar Oil) 0.360 ml
  • Hirudo Medicinalis Oil (Jonk Oil) 0.360 ml
  • Goat Testis Oil (Khusia Buz Oil) 0.360 ml
  • Ovi testa Oil (Baiza Murgh Oil) 0.600 ml
  • Nerium indicum Rt. Oil (Kaner Oil) 0.600 ml
  • Oleo europaea Fr. Oil (Zaitoon Oil) q.s to make 5 ml


Lack of virility and sexual stamina, inability to maintain erection, incomplete erection, and lack of penile growth.


There are no contraindications.

Side effects

There are no known side effects.


To be rubbed lukewarm on the penis.

Dietary Advice

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