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M U Amreliya Shabab Hayat Tel

For Hair Fall, Dandruff & Hair Problems..
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Today hair-fall is one of the common problems for men and women; this is due to pollution, dust, unhygienic environment and poor diet.

As a machine needs fuel to work, your hair needs a supply of nutrients to grow strong and healthy. This can be achieved by using hair oil which contains various herbs beneficial for hair.

Our product SHABAB-E-HAYAT TEL is an excellent remedy for hair-fall, dandruff and all hair related problems.

SHABAB-E-HAYAT TEL comprises of 34 herbal extracts which gets absorbed by hair scalp. After absorption, these herbs act like supplies (nutrients) for your hair thus strengthening hair roots and stimulating growth of new hair.

SHABAB-E-HAYAT TEL is that it is 100% natural and contains no artificial perfume or chemicals.


SHABAB-E-HAYAT TEL PLUS – contains special ingredients which mainly focuses on hair ailments and promotes healthy hair growth.

SHABAB-E-HAYAT TEL THANDA – this hair oil provides excessive cooling sensation which calms the nerves and promotes good sleep.

SHABAB-E-HAYAT TEL NATURAL – this hair oil is in its purest natural form and provides excellent nutrients for your hair.

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