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M U Amreliya Lookman-E-Hayat Tel

For Scars, Wounds, Burns, Bodyache etc...
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LOOKMAN-E-HAYAT TEL is a pure ayurvedic oil. It is spectacular for skin ailments and any form of injury. It is widely use for burns, cuts, injuries, sprain, pain, swelling wounds and massage.

The ingredient has excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic activity, which promotes faster wound healing.


LOOKMAN-E-HAYAT TEL has been very supportive in treatment of piles, paralyses and gum problems.

LOOKMAN-E-HAYAT TEL does not stop at skin

But also helps in development and strengthening of bones. Hence, it is used as massage oil for all age groups.


We have a few reports of LOOKMAN-E-HAYAT TEL producing good results against crab bites, mosquito bite and other insect sting.

If you are experiencing hardship related to scars, wounds, burns, body aches, skin ailments, gum problems, piles, fracture then u must try LOOKMAN-E-HAYAT TEL

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