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Dehlvi Habbe Tinkar

For Weakness of Digestive System, Indigestion & Obesity..
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Strengthens the stomach, aids digestion, relieves flatulence and stomachache. Also removes chronic constipation and is useful in obesity.


  • Each 500 mg pill contains:
  • Sodii biboras (Suhaga) 28.99 mg
  • Hyoscymus niger (Ajwain Khurasani) 36.23 mg
  • Piper nigrum (Filfil Siah) 173.91 mg
  • Aloe vera (Dried Latex) (Sibr Sakutri) 260.87 mg
  • Aloe vera Juice (Maghze Gheekwar) q.s.


Weakness of digestive system, indigestion, flatulence, stomachache, chronic constipation and obesity.



Side effects



2 to 4 pills at night or after both meals with water.

Dietary Advice

Do not eat foods that are fried or otherwise high in saturated fats. Fat slows travel time through the intestines. Also avoid mucus-forming foods (dairy products, fried and processed foods, refined flours, and chocolates). They also slow the transit time of waste matter. Caffeine and alcohol are hard on the digestive system and are dehydrating as well. During an episode of constipation, avoid them entirely. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water or other liquids a day.

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