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Dehlvi Jiwan Rakshak

For General Debility & Lean Body Mass..
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In today's age everybody is concerned about his health. Teenagers are into bodybuilding and they want to increase their muscle mass. Jiwan-Rakshak Capsules shows promise in enhancing lean body mass.


  • Each 500 mg capsule contains:
  • Ferroso-Ferric Oxide (Manduram Bhasma) 15 mg
  • Unani Compound (Kushta Mirgang) 30 mg
  • Phoenix dactylifera Extract (Chuarrah) 30 mg
  • Withania somnifera Extract (Ashwagandha) 75 mg
  • Gossypium herbaceum Extract (Binaula) 75 mg
  • Asparagus racemosus Extract (Shatavari) 125 mg
  • Avena sativa Extract (Jayee) 150 mg


General debility and lean body mass.



Side effects



3 capsules twice daily with water.

Dietary Advice

Some people who are very thin and find it difficult to gain weight, tend to eat an unbalanced diet. They only eat only grains, fruit and vegetables, avoiding foods derived from animals such as milk, meat, fish and eggs. The ideal is to eat fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals, milk and dairy products, lean meat, fish sunch as salmon and tuna, and some poly- or monounsaturated margarine or oil every day. If you eat vegan or very strict vegetarian diets which exclude all animal foods, then you may find it difficult to gain weight. The high fibre and water contents of plant foods reduce their energy content and you have to eat very large quantities before you obtain sufficient energy to provide fuel for your body. Try modifying your diet to at least include some sources of animal protein like milk, yoghurt, cottage and other cheeses, and eggs, and add three to four tablespoons of sunflower, safflower or olive oil to your salads and grains. Eating nuts (cashew and nuts). and dried fruit will also boost energy intake.

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