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Dehlvi Tonsilin

For Tonsillitis, Sore Throat & Chloringitis..
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A throat paint which is effective in tonsillitis, sore throat and chloringitis. It can also be used as a gargle to cure aphthae in the mouth and in thrush and pseudo-membranous deposits.


  • Each 10 ml. contains:
  • Borax Dehydrated (Suhaga) 100 mg.
  • Quercus infectoria (Majuphal) 500 mg.
  • Alumen Dehydrated (Phitkari) 500 mg.
  • Mel (Honey) q.s. to make 10 ml.


Tonsillitis, sore throat, chloringitis, aphthae in the mouth, thrush and pseudo-membranous deposits.



Side effects



Apply 2-3 times a day with cotton wool to the tonsils and throat or gargle 2-3 times with lukewarm water mixed with salt.

Dietary Advice

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