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Dehlvi Al Ahmer

For Sexual Debility, Liver Dysfunction & Anaemia..
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Useful in sexual debility. Increases rigidity of the male sex organ. Removes liver dysfunctions and increases formation of pure and healthy blood. In winters it is recommended for the elderly and for those with sluggish temperament.


  • Each dose of 30 mg. contains:
  • Cinnabaris (Shingraf) 15 mg.
  • Aconitum luridum (Bichnak) 15 mg
  • Dioscorea bulbifera (Zamiqand) q.s.


Sexual debility, Liver Dysfunction and Anaemia.


Not recommended for children and during pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects



30 mg. with Butter or 5 gms. Labub Kabir. Afterwards a glass of milk should be given.

Dietary Advice

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