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Dehlvi Heartone-DR

For Weakness of Heart & Palpitation..
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It contains ingredients that are useful in several cardiovascular diseases such as palpitation, angina, hyperlipidemia and post-myocardial infarction. It has a soothing effect on the nervous system thereby controlling tachycardia, anxiety, phobias, stress and depression. It also lowers systolic and diastolic pressure. It is completely safe and can be used without any side effects for a prolonged period. In mild cases it is effective alone and in severe cases it can be combined with other drugs.


  • Each 250 mg. gold coated pill contains:
  • Corallium rubrum, Calx (Kushta Marjan) 25 mg.
  • Mytilus margaritiferus (Marwareed Saida) 25 mg
  • Piper nigrum (Kali Mirch) 25 mg
  • Centella asiatica (Brahmi) 150 mg.
  • Binding Agent q.s.


Angina pectoris, anxiety, bradycardia, cardiac neurosis, depression, hyperlipidaemia, melancholia, mild hypertension, palpitation, phobias, post-myocardial infarction, stress and tachycardia.



Side effects



1 pill with water in the morning or as and when required.

Dietary Advice

Avoid foods containing saturated fats (butter, cheese, fatty meats, etc.), eggs, excess salt, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Avoid smoking. Eat more of green vegetables, oily fish, olives, garlic, carrots, and amla (Indian Gooseberry). Do regular physical exercise and avoid stress and tension.

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